Had a deep tissue massage with Nyrie. She reached down into tissues I never knew I had! Parts that had been sore and in pretty severe pain were eased so quickly. I literally walked out of there a new man. We talked life, health, philosophy and everything in between. It was a wonderful session, and I will definitely be back for more!

Richard Cook

Got a hot stone massage from Natalee a couple of months ago, after a very stressful period in my life. That was without a doubt the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done. It was absolutely wonderful! Natalee is a true master of her craft, and is constantly studying, learning and improving. I can’t recommend her and her amazing team highly enough!

Richard Cook

This was my first Massage. Rebecca made me feel very comfortable, and explained to me what she was doing, and if it was too intense or any unbearable pain to let her know. My massage was so relaxing, if im still working here in Utah I definitely will be going back to feel those magic hands. Another bucket list item crossed off. thanks

Lebara Garrett

The massage therapists really pay attention to your aches and pains. They specialize in the type of massage you need for your body and mind. Everyone communicates with you on a professional level . All the therapists have such a great attitude towards their clients.

Pamela Lee

I have received such great care from everyone here! I initially started receiving massage treatment following an auto accident and because of the support and healing that I received, I still continue to regularly schedule massages. I feel safe and heard at Revive. All of my concerns, pain areas, etc. are taken in to consideration and I know that the care of their clients are the top priority. Natalee is always there to make scheduling and any back-end work seamless and worry free and also that the environment of the space is thoroughly cleaned and thoughtful in setting. It’s a very restful and calm place to come and I always look forward to my sessions. Nyrie is the therapist I see regularly and through her technique in massage and her ability to see me as a whole person has made a huge difference for me and in my healing journey and I carry less tension in the days that follow a session on so many different levels-physically and mentally. I recommend Revive to everyone and will always be a customer here!

Lauren Barney